Paper plate Jellyfish

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Stuck at home with the kid and have nothing to do 🤔

Well here is a fun activity for kids which are easy, DIY, and can mostly be done with everyday items at home – concept by craftiments.


· heavy-weight paper bowls
· white yarn
· normal paints OR Glow in the dark acrylic paint
· paint brushes and painting supplies
· scissors
· zipper sandwich bags
· skewer or sharp pencil

Step 1: – cut the yarn in to 10-12 pcs (36inch in length), place them in a zip lock bag with some blobs of paint. Then Squish them all together until the yarn is completely covered. If the paint is too thick, add a little water in to the bag. Then Hang the yarns to dry

Step 2:- Paint a bowl / paper plate inside out in several colours and Make 2 small holes in the plate,

Step 3:-run a piece of yarn through it and form a loop inside the bowl. Flip the bowl on the back and pull the single yarn together and tie a double knot and raise the jellyfish up.

Step 4:-Thread the colourfull yarns through the loop from under the bowl and center them under the loop. Take the bunch of tentacles and tie together.

Step 5:- Take the bunch of tentacles and tie together. Finally, Unravel a few pieces of yarn to get the create the frilly arms of the jelly fish. ~~


send us your craft and add them to our page !!!  you can mail it to [email protected]

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